How to Ace Your A-Levels


  • Written to help you achieve top grades at A-level

  • People only fail because they were never taught in school how to pass exams and revise properly

  • How to Ace Your A-levels challenges your assumptions about learning and hard work

  • If you follow the advice in this book, you will get the A-level grades you desire

Why buy How to Ace Your A-Levels?

  • Detailed guidance on revision timetables and revision methods telling you exactly what to do to get into the University you want

  • Discussions on important, often ignored areas such as revision styles, mind set, behaviour and motivation

  • A proven three step plan to help you achieve top grades (method, study cycle and motivation)

  • Realistic, honest, and straightforward advice on how to ACE your A-levels from authors who have done it themselves

Who are the authors?

  • Anshul Raja – a financial markets trader, who left UCL with a first class honours degree and a certificate of academic excellence by the Dean of students

  • Minesh Karia – a medical doctor with a BMedSc in Psychological Medicine

 Where can I buy the book?

  • The book is available on  Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

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  • ACE Your A-Levels is also available to order internationally, simply visit our online store

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Scepticism to addiction

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349 Comments on “How to Ace Your A-Levels”

  1. Vivek says:

    So did you re sit the whole year? Then move to A2, and what subjects did you take?

  2. Vivek says:

    Did you resit the whole of the year again and then moved to A2? Also, did what subjects did you take?

  3. Vivek says:

    Oh cos I do maths, English, psychology and applied ICT. We only get one chance and I feel my exams went bad

  4. Zhafiran Ashyraf says:

    Ansulraja , serious you get A’s in A level , I got 3E for my A level , should I retake 3 or just 2 subject for june (AS+A2) ?

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Zhafiran,

      I achieved very low marks in some modules for AS and improved them by 50 – 60% by using a better work technique. What subjects are you taking and are you going into 2nd year A-levels?


  5. bijek says:

    Can’t you buy a printed version of the book?

    • anshulraja1 says:


      Thank you for your inquiry.

      We are not selling printed versions just yet I’m afraid. This may change in the future so please keep an eye out!

      Many thanks,

      • Zakia says:

        I am resitting my GCSEs and intend to resit my a levels in the future. I was wondering is there any difference between how to ace your alevels and how to ace your GCSEs? Which would you recommend me to purchase? Hope you can help
        Kind regards

  6. A says:

    I am in a similar situation. I’m getting Ds in my mocks and after having been to a UCL summer school, i loved it there. Just a question, when you received your Ds at AS level, what did UCL respond because were your predicted grades not low or similar to Ds? Because they use your predicted grades to form a decision?
    Many thanks and congrats on your success

    • anshulraja1 says:


      UCL is a great uni! I hope you get in 🙂

      After receiving my grades, I went to great lengths to get my teachers to boost my predicted grades. You may remember from my video that I created a ‘Study Plan’ in the few weeks following results day. I showed this to my teachers to show them I was serious about improving and they were impressed. After continuous nagging and letters from my parents, they gave me ABBC for my predicted grades. This was still lower than the required grades for UCL but some luck, a good personal statement and teacher UCAS reference helped me get the offer!

      If I didn’t get the offer then I would have taken a gap year and reapplied next year. If you can’t get your teachers to boost your predicted grades, I suggest you do just that.

      Many thanks,

  7. Kiran says:

    Really want this book. But I only see a kindle edition. Is there a book version and if so how much for?

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