How to Ace Your A-Levels


  • Written to help you achieve top grades at A-level

  • People only fail because they were never taught in school how to pass exams and revise properly

  • How to Ace Your A-levels challenges your assumptions about learning and hard work

  • If you follow the advice in this book, you will get the A-level grades you desire

Why buy How to Ace Your A-Levels?

  • Detailed guidance on revision timetables and revision methods telling you exactly what to do to get into the University you want

  • Discussions on important, often ignored areas such as revision styles, mind set, behaviour and motivation

  • A proven three step plan to help you achieve top grades (method, study cycle and motivation)

  • Realistic, honest, and straightforward advice on how to ACE your A-levels from authors who have done it themselves

Who are the authors?

  • Anshul Raja – a financial markets trader, who left UCL with a first class honours degree and a certificate of academic excellence by the Dean of students

  • Minesh Karia – a medical doctor with a BMedSc in Psychological Medicine

 Where can I buy the book?

  • The book is available on  Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

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  • ACE Your A-Levels is also available to order internationally, simply visit our online store

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Scepticism to addiction

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349 Comments on “How to Ace Your A-Levels”

  1. Jess says:

    Hey, I got a D in History, English lit, and Philosophy plus a U in maths and i’m not quite sure what to do, I worked really hard to come out with not very good results, I am unsure whether to start again or whether to carry on into A2 and resit everything? Plus I need high predicted grades for Uni applications, which I wont have because of low AS grades. This book seems like it could be of great help..

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Jess,

      Back when January exams were in place I would have recommended resitting your AS modules alongside your A2’s. However, in your case I think redoing the year would be better. I was in the same position as you. I worked very hard and only managed to achieve Ds (as my video showed). Much of my improvement came from scrapping the learning techniques that didn’t work and using a combination of a few simple methods to absorb information efficiently. Remember that direction is more important than speed & a lot of students are going nowhere very fast. This is exactly what my book offers – Direction!


      • jess says:

        I went to college today band as history and English both have coursework next year they advised me to continue them intovsecond year and work my butt off to get the A’s and !’s I need, I shall be purchasing your book when I next get paid (in a few weeks) and shall be working from that to get my grades up, do you have any advce of what I can do before going back to set myself up for next year?

        • anshulraja1 says:


          In the book we talk about using repetitions and learning in ‘layers’. The best piece of advice I can give you is to start your first layers for your A2 subjects nice and early – preferably now! Also make full use of the scribble technique (described in the book) particularly in the first layer for all memorisation you need to do.

          Religiously follow the guidance in our book and you’ll be fine!


  2. niaomh kelly says:

    Do january resits still exsist? I had Us yday for AS ): or should i do 2 years?

    • anshulraja1 says:


      No the government have stopped the use of January exams and because of that I would recommend redoing the year if your grades are too low. Did you get U’s in all of your subjects?


  3. Amy says:

    Hi 🙂
    If you redo year 12 in the summer and then do year 13 (take alevels over 3 years) – and come out with As and Bs, would they still look at your original AS results (Ds and Us) or would it not be valid anymore if your overall A2s meet a uni’s (or UCL’s) entry requirements?

  4. annoymous says:

    After having the most shocking AS grades DDUU I brought your book yesterday and its motivated me so so much its given me hope! I enjoy making pretty notes and everything but ive always known it was an ineffective revision method for me, i’d always be lying to myself looking at the time it took to revise rather than what i now know so your scribble method looks fabbbbbb. Just want to say Thanks its amazing! Hopefully this time next year i can say i had 4As because of your book (:

    • anshulraja1 says:


      I’ve got a lump in my throat from reading your comments! It’s feedback like yours which makes all the effort of writing this book worth it.

      Best of luck & thank you for your kind words 🙂


  5. Amaani says:

    Hi Raja, unfortunately I got: BCDE yesterday. As the D was in EPQ I’m going to retake the E grade (biology) and C grade (psychology). Do you think 8 exams in one summer is too much to gain As& Bs in or will the book help me cope with that?

    • anshulraja1 says:


      Your grades are decent – better than the AS levels I got! 8 exams are doable if you use the techniques in the book. I actually did the same number of retakes for my summer exams. Just remember to get your A2 modules out the way. Cover them before your teacher teaches them if you have to! I know it sounds bonkers but that’s what it takes! The techniques in the book will be particularly effective for the subjects you mentioned (biology and psychology). Pay close attention to the scribble technique as it will help you absorb information efficiently & help you cover all the material in time for exams.


  6. samina says:

    I got CDEU in my exams. I was expecting higher bcos I spent alot of my time on revision. I’m really gutted.. But my teacher said that i put myself under alot of pressure and stress, which ruined my performance 😦 need a new mindset and motivation and new effective revision tips.
    Is this available on PDF? Ive liked your page on fb, followed u on twitter and suscribed to you on YouTube. Congratulations on your success

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Samina,

      Thanks for the follows and subscriptions! Stress and anxiety can reek havoc in exam situations. We talk about this in the book and the techniques we describe can help you tackle anxiety. Unfortunately it’s not available in PDF. However, you can buy it in ebook form from Amazon using the ‘Buy Now’ link at the top of this page. Please note you don’t need a kindle device to read the book & you can download a kindle reader app for your desktop or tablet here…

      Hope this helps!


  7. Manjot says:

    So simply, I put it like this. Im studying chemistry maths physics and biology. And recieved CCCD for my AS results. Im just contemplating whether I should redo the year. Because I believe I can resit and do A2 at the same time and obviously have to work hard. Also considering dropping physics to ease the workload. Advice? I really want to get AAAA or AAA

    • anshulraja1 says:


      You got better grades than I did at AS. I don’t think you need to redo the year. Get your first layers of revision for A2 out of the way early. Don’t be afraid to cover the material before you learn it n class. Religiously use the scribble technique (described in Step 1 of the book).


      • Manjot says:

        Yh man. Thanks. I bought your book btw and its amazing, and yh I know my grades aren’t bad. But I have to be honest, I revised one week prior to my unit 2 exams so from scratch and almost got B’s. With that scribble technique I’ll be well on my way to A’s. I only did one layer of repetition. And whats even funnier is that all my teachers predicted me C’s and prior to my exams they thought I was gonna get E’s. It really sucks and I was heartbroken after getting CCCD. But yh do you think there’s any need for me to drop physics? And thanks for your support.

        • anshulraja1 says:

          Hi Manjot,

          Thanks for your comments & I’m glad it’s helped you! The scribble technique is an effective & efficient way to absorb information. Stick to it and you’ll hit your A’s. If Physics is not required for your uni course then yes In my opinion you should drop it.


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