How to Ace Your A-Levels


  • Written to help you achieve top grades at A-level

  • People only fail because they were never taught in school how to pass exams and revise properly

  • How to Ace Your A-levels challenges your assumptions about learning and hard work

  • If you follow the advice in this book, you will get the A-level grades you desire

Why buy How to Ace Your A-Levels?

  • Detailed guidance on revision timetables and revision methods telling you exactly what to do to get into the University you want

  • Discussions on important, often ignored areas such as revision styles, mind set, behaviour and motivation

  • A proven three step plan to help you achieve top grades (method, study cycle and motivation)

  • Realistic, honest, and straightforward advice on how to ACE your A-levels from authors who have done it themselves

Who are the authors?

  • Anshul Raja – a financial markets trader, who left UCL with a first class honours degree and a certificate of academic excellence by the Dean of students

  • Minesh Karia – a medical doctor with a BMedSc in Psychological Medicine

 Where can I buy the book?

  • The book is available on  Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

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  • ACE Your A-Levels is also available to order internationally, simply visit our online store

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Scepticism to addiction

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349 Comments on “How to Ace Your A-Levels”

  1. Kate says:


    Could you please explain what you mean by a ‘study plan’? What sort of things did you include? I have no idea where to startv:( help!

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Kate,

      A study plan is a revision time table or a guide. This is so you can keep track of how much you are covering and ensure you are doing enough layers/repetitions for each exam. In your plan you should include your revision targets (e.g. complete 1st layer for Biology) and your deadline (e.g. by 30th September).


  2. Pippa says:

    I just wanted to say after reading some of these comments and your honest, personal and attentive replies i already feel motivated and ready to tackle my BBCE, im so relieved i could cry. Seeing someone talk about getting actually bad grades and pulling themselves up again and offering that help to others is so so heartwarming and reassuring, especially when the grades shared online etc are normally amazing ones that make me doubt my chances. I’m buying your book in the next few minutes, since I’m going to study Psychology, English Lit and Biology and drop maths, i’m feeling very optimistic as you’ve said this book has good strategies for Psych and Bio! Thank you so so much

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Pippa,

      Thank you for your kind words and purchasing our book! It sounds like you’re pumped up for 2nd year and ready to cross that bridge from average to excellent academic performance. Keep it up!


  3. Anthony says:

    Hi Raja,

    I had ACC in my AS, I know it isn’t particularly bad, however I just find that physics(which I got C) is really hard for me. I’m planning to resit the AS exam this year as Im moving on to A2. So do you recommend me to still go to lessons for my AS physics this year, or is it okay to only do self revision for the resits? Also, I find that I got particularly anxious when I did my PE exam(which I got C), although I did okay in revisions, I got a D on the paper. So does your book cover the part of anxiety as well? And one last question. Do you think I can still achieve a high predicted grade if I start working hard now? And are the predicted grades as important as the AS grades when applying to unis?

    Many thanks,


    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Anthony,

      I wouldn’t go to any AS lessons. You’ll probably be more productive on your own using the exam board textbook and scribble technique. I trusted my plan and skipped quite a few lessons in the first few months of A2 to hit my revision targets. Luckily my 6th form were relaxed about this.

      We do cover anxiety and how tackle it in the book. In addition to what we discuss in the book I’m a huge advocate of visualisation. Closing your eyes and visualising yourself doing your exams whether it be practical or written, can work wonders particularly with anxiety.

      Your predicted grades will depend on how flexible your 6th form is. I would let them know how hard you are working to improve your grades. Tell them you’ve bought our book to improve your study technique – it will show commitment and the willingness to invest in yourself. Pester them to get the highest predicted grades possible. This is the best you can do for now. If you don’t get the offers you want then don’t give up. Just stay focused on your June exams/retakes, hit those As, take a gap year and apply again next year.


  4. Chloe Wallis says:

    Hi I’ve just bought your book (which is fanatsic and extremly helpful) but I just want to double check I understand it correctly. I got CCD in my AS exams so Im resitting 2 AS units.
    So should I start the first layer now one subject at a time, starting with A2 units. Covering topics which wont of come up in class yet. Also using the power reps technique. Approx taking me about 20 weeks if I pace myself. Then go onto layer 2 and do the past papers after. which I should get done within 10 weeks or less. Then finally go onto layer 3 and just re cap everything. So I should just do the layers all year around. Have I understood the layers correctly?

    Also you say just do one subject at a time but I think this will be hard as I’ll still have to complete homeworks and sometimes coursework for all my subjects even though Im only revising one subject.

    Also each subject usually consists of about 2 exams can you break the subject down into 2 and treat each exam as a different subject as I get confused between both exams and which topics are for which exam.

    Thank you for all your advice from the book!

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Chloe,

      You have understood the layers correctly. You don’t necessarily have to do one subject at a time. You can do several at one go but just make sure you keep track how much you are getting done (pages or chapters per week). The important thing is to make sure your learning technique is solid – use the scribble technique with your exam board textbooks. Yes you can and should break your subjects down into modules and revise them module by module.


      • Chloe wallis says:

        Thanks for the advice! Think for layer one im going to do the 1st unit of all my subjects then the second unit of all my subjects then my retake units before doing my second and third layer. I’ve read the book and it’s great. I’m feeling really confident about this year. Thanks

  5. Ola Odu says:

    I’ve Just finished my AS year and got ADEE in English Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Maths respectively. I was unsure about continuing to A2. After reading the sample of your book, I’ve decided to buy the full book and retake some exams alongside my A2. I’m trying achieve ABBB for university, would you say that is achievable by retaking my 2 E’s? My head of sixth form is trying to persuade me to retake the year, but I’m hoping my work ethic will improve my predicted grades. I’d really appreciate your opinion!

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Ola,

      Thanks for purchasing our book! I think you can hit your target of ABBB. If you did any worse in your AS results then I would have agreed with your head of sixth. However, if you work hard and use the techniques in the book you should be fine. Make sure you start your revision early – preferably now!


    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Ola,

      Thanks for purchasing our book! I think you can hit your target of ABBB. If you did any worse in your AS results then I would have agreed with your head of sixth. However, if you work hard and use the techniques in the book you should be fine. Make sure you start your revision early – preferably now!


  6. Sonia says:


    I was just hoping to get some advice from you about a good revision timetable but firstly I wanted to say i’ve read your book and it’s amazing! You’ve probably heard that a lot now but it’s incredible it answers all the questions that I think of in my head! I study English, Psychology and Sociology.I know that all my subjects are essay based however I did not perform too well in my AS exams and i’m not going to beat myself over it i’m continuing onto second year. I know that I will have a few re takes to do for some modules so I know I have a lot on this year so I want to start revising from now. I may also pick up an AS for extra UCAS points but I am still thinking about that. I want to use the repetition revision timetable but I am not quite sure how to plan it could you please give me an example because I want to start revising to pull my grades up.

    Thank You

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Sonia,

      Hearing how our book is helping students is always very satisfying. Thank you for your kind words!

      The repetition revision timetable…

      As you are going into your 2nd year, I recommend getting your A2 modules out of the way first (see the power layer or power rep under step 1). The first layer should take around 3 weeks per module. That should take you into February/March. As long as you do the first layer properly you should be able to hit above 70% for most exams after doing past papers 1 or 2 days before the exam.

      However, you can do better than 70%. You should aim to get a 2nd and maybe a 3rd layer done between March and May(exams). The 2nd layer should take 1 or 2 weeks per module to cover. If you don’t think there is enough time to do 2nd layers for all ur exams then pick your weakest modules.

      Your revision plan can go something like this..

      1st Sep – 21st Sep : Power Layer – Psychology module 4
      21st Sep – 12th Oct: Power Layer – English Module 5


      1st March – 14th March: 2nd Layer – Psychology module 4

      I hope this helps!


  7. Ria says:

    Hi, I achieved AS results of CEEU – I dropped the U and picked up an extension course which is a subject that will give me extra UCAS points. I’ll be resitting AS modules and I hope to achieve A/B’s for the second year. I’d really like to apply to an uni which asks for ABB/BBB do you think it’d be a good idea to put that as one of my 5 choices even though most likely my predicted won’t meet that target? (It could be worth a shot)

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Ria,

      I think it is worth a shot. I’ve seen students receive offers when their predicted grades were lower than the minimum stated. If you don’t get the offer then don’t worry. Your main focus should be improving those grades as you can always take a gap year and reapply with better grades.


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