How to Ace Your A-Levels


  • Written to help you achieve top grades at A-level

  • People only fail because they were never taught in school how to pass exams and revise properly

  • How to Ace Your A-levels challenges your assumptions about learning and hard work

  • If you follow the advice in this book, you will get the A-level grades you desire

Why buy How to Ace Your A-Levels?

  • Detailed guidance on revision timetables and revision methods telling you exactly what to do to get into the University you want

  • Discussions on important, often ignored areas such as revision styles, mind set, behaviour and motivation

  • A proven three step plan to help you achieve top grades (method, study cycle and motivation)

  • Realistic, honest, and straightforward advice on how to ACE your A-levels from authors who have done it themselves

Who are the authors?

  • Anshul Raja – a financial markets trader, who left UCL with a first class honours degree and a certificate of academic excellence by the Dean of students

  • Minesh Karia – a medical doctor with a BMedSc in Psychological Medicine

 Where can I buy the book?

  • The book is available on  Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

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  • ACE Your A-Levels is also available to order internationally, simply visit our online store

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Scepticism to addiction

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349 Comments on “How to Ace Your A-Levels”

  1. Tom says:

    Really loved your book. Motivated me alot to pick myself up and start. I wanted to ask: How do I devise a plan that I can fit into the AS Layers because I am doing A2 simultaneously aswell. And the scribble technique, when and in which layers do I use them?

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Tom,

      I’m glad to hear our book has helped you. It’s probably best to get your A2 modules out of the way first and you may need to cover the material faster than your teachers can teach it. This will give you time to cover your AS modules. As for the scribble technique, I would use it for all the layers.


  2. Chloe says:

    HI I’ve read your book and it’s made me feel really confident about this year now! I got CCC in my exams so I wanted to re sit the 3 modules which I got U’s in. So I talked to my teacher about it today and he advised me against re sits and said it would be too much and that without the resits I could still reach B’s but I wouldn’t be able to get A’s so it kinda bothers me as your books finally made me beleive I could get A’s.Is my teacher right and is 8 exams too much or should I just go for the re sits?

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Chloe,

      Thanks for buying our book. I understand why your teacher has advised against retaking that many exams as many students become overwhelmed. BUT most students haven’t got our book to help them!

      8 exams is doable but you must follow the guidance in How to ACE your A-Levels closely.


      • Chloe says:


        Thanks for the advice! In layer one im revising 3 modules at a time, should I do this in layer 2 aswell or should I just stick to one module at a time for my second layer?

  3. Charley says:

    I need your help for creating a revision timetable for my subjects using these ideas!

    I have just started my 3 A2s and plan to do 3 or 4 unit retakes for AS in January. It’s a total of 9 exams.
    Where do I start?
    Learning the A2 content using the scribble technique, until when? I have to also learn the AS units again at some point as they are in January. Should i start them at the same time?

    The A2 exams are in June and I want to create a plan ASAP for all of my exams using your book.
    Thanks and hope you can help me on how I create this plan, structure it etc!

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Charley,

      How is your school still doing actual January exams? or are these mocks?


      • Charley says:

        The AS module retakes are in January (I’m very sure anyway) except from one of mine.

        I’ve started my timetable now which is great. After going through 11 pages using the scribble technique in an hour first time. However I found that I could write (scribble) down very few bits of information! Is that normal?

        The big question is when do I return to these pages to “repeat” then again using the scribble technique?
        Thanks again

        • anshulraja1 says:

          I would double check the January retakes as the government have stopped exams in January. Your college might be an exception though.

          Yes that is normal. The great thing about the technique is that it exercises your memory and it will improve over time. If it’s too tough then split each page into 2 or 3.

          You should do the 2nd layer in the build up to your January exams. You should be able to run through the textbooks faster in the 2nd layer so factor that in when you make your time table.


  4. jake says:

    Hi, I achieved 2Bs and a C but wanted 3As my parents were very disappointed and all my friends achieved either AAAA or AAB. The universitys im planning on going wants minimum AAB. What shall I do. I scrapped C in chemistry and my teachers think i cant do any better than a C. So is it possible for me to get 3A* at the end of A2

    • jake says:

      My subjects are chemistry ecomonics and physics

      • anshulraja1 says:

        Hi Jake,

        I was in your shoes once and it is frustrating not achieving what you know your capable of while those around you have got the grades they wanted. Every now and again life gives you a kick up the backside. Just make sure you bounce back – put a plan together and use the correct learning techniques (our book can help with this). 3As/A*s is possible – I’ve done it myself and seen others do it too.


      • jake says:

        So is it possible to get 3A/A*s without retaking anything

  5. Anna says:

    How does one actually buy this book

  6. Sonya patel says:

    Hi Raja

    I wanted to know if it’s ideal to work from only one textbook because the AS OCR book for Biology do sometimes forget to put in extra things or sometimes the information is not phrased in a certain way according to the mark scheme. I don’t feel like scribble technique would work for chemistry because you have to understand rather than memorise. I am just concerned if little things will be missing in my understanding and it will be my fault for not referring to more than one book… What should I do? I’m also retaking 6 modules in my a2 year and on top of that another 6, would it still be possible to get my 3A’s. What time of the year did you start you as revision retakes and if you had no January exams , what month would you recommend to start for As retakes , as in if you were in my shoes 😉 …


    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Sonya,

      Your concerns are completely valid. For Biology, use the scribble technique to cover the entire textbook just how we mentioned in the book. Doing 2/3 of these layers along with past papers should get you 80%+ in the exam. However, if your teachers say your textbooks are insufficient then keep an eye on the exam board specification and fill in the gaps using other books or classroom notes. The same goes for Chemistry.

      You are doing quite a few exams in June. If you prepare properly and make full use of your free periods, evenings and weekends THROUGHOUT the year it is possible to achieve 3A’s. I would aim to start the first layers for your AS retakes in December.


      • sonya says:

        Hi Raja,

        Thanks so much! Btw I have already started my AS retakes since results day 🙂 and im half way there, I do all a2 in college and if there is hw I elaborate because hw is revision, so im doing both so that by Jan I would have THOROUGHLY finished all my AS and at least half way through A2 🙂

      • sonya says:

        Hi Raja,

        Just wanted to know if you ever used a folder to organise yourmaterial or did you just ‘mentally file everything’ away?


        • anshulraja1 says:

          Hi Sonya,

          As I pretty much only used the exam board text books and the scribble technique I didn’t have many notes. Maybe 10 or so pages of tips provided by the teacher. Therefore I didn’t keep a folder of notes.


  7. Sidra Nawaz says:

    Hi Raja 🙂
    I saw your video earlier on and it is totally amazing how you improved so much! You really are a true inspiration and I look forward to reading your book and how you did it all because my AS grades have seriously depressed me as I got an E in maths and biology, a U in chemistry and a C in psychology. My college aren’t letting me resit these AS’s as a whole however I can still resit some exams. I didn’t really expect to do this bad because I did put some effort in. I really don’t know where I went wrong.. maybe it was lack of exam skills.
    None of my teachers or my sisters think that ill be able to get A’s overall even with resits but after seeing your video I thought there might be a possibility… but then again, I may not be as hardworking as you although I’m willing to try harder this year whilst following the guidance in your book 🙂
    I’m just very grateful that there are people like you out there who like to share your success skills in how you achieved everything it lit a ball of hope up inside me that maybe I still have a chance of achieving my career goals which include medicine or pharmacy.
    Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your book 😀 x

    • Sidra Nawaz says:

      I forgot to mention the fact that we don’t have January exams anymore like you did so do you think it will still be possible for me to achieve A’s if I have all my exams in the summer 😦
      Thank you

      • anshulraja1 says:

        Hi Sidra,

        Thank you for your kind words! I’ve seen students with similar grades to you achieve A’s. As long as you use the correct learning techniques, there is no reason why you can’t do the same. If I was in your position I would move to a different college where you can either redo the year or retake however many AS modules you want.

        Not having January exams will make it slightly harder, but improving your grades is still very possible if you follow the guidance in our book.


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