How to Ace Your A-Levels


  • Written to help you achieve top grades at A-level

  • People only fail because they were never taught in school how to pass exams and revise properly

  • How to Ace Your A-levels challenges your assumptions about learning and hard work

  • If you follow the advice in this book, you will get the A-level grades you desire

Why buy How to Ace Your A-Levels?

  • Detailed guidance on revision timetables and revision methods telling you exactly what to do to get into the University you want

  • Discussions on important, often ignored areas such as revision styles, mind set, behaviour and motivation

  • A proven three step plan to help you achieve top grades (method, study cycle and motivation)

  • Realistic, honest, and straightforward advice on how to ACE your A-levels from authors who have done it themselves

Who are the authors?

  • Anshul Raja – a financial markets trader, who left UCL with a first class honours degree and a certificate of academic excellence by the Dean of students

  • Minesh Karia – a medical doctor with a BMedSc in Psychological Medicine

 Where can I buy the book?

  • The book is available on  Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle

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  • ACE Your A-Levels is also available to order internationally, simply visit our online store

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Scepticism to addiction

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349 Comments on “How to Ace Your A-Levels”

  1. Jj mooney says:


    I’ve read your book which has helped me so much! I’ve started my 1st later of bio mainly using the scribble technique. But what I’m struggle with is the work and relax ratio. I tend to use all my free period doing revision and I only do 3 subjects so I get quite a few free’s. I then do about 2 hours when I get home at 5. I also use my Saturdays doing around 3-5 hours. On Sundays and Monday evening i play sport though so have these times off but I can’t help feeling guilty about it no matter how much or little work I’ve done. Basically if I’m not working 24/7 I feel guilty and then get stressed. How do you know how much work to do and how much to relax? How do you get the balance right? Also my 1st layer seems I be taking ages. I spent 3 days in just 2 pages last week although i do fully understand those pages now. Is that a normal pace? Any advice would be appreciated thanks

    • anshulraja1 says:


      Thank you for reading our book! The fact that you constantly feel guilty for not working is a good thing. The moment I started executing my plan in 2nd year I always felt guilty for not hitting my targets or wasting time watching TV/bumming around. A few years on has anything changed? The answer is no! Even during uni and now at work I have the same guilt. I’ve come to realise that it does more good then bad because it reminds you of what your priorities are.

      If you’re feeling guilty for relaxing when you haven’t hit your targets over the past 2 days then hell ye you should be feeling guilty! However, if you have hit your targets and are still feeling guilty for playing an hour of footy then you need to remind yourself that exercise/relaxation is equally important as studying. It clears your mind and helps you focus.

      How do you know how much work to do and how much to relax? How do you get the balance right?

      It all depends on your work rate and how many retakes you have. If you have a lot of retakes and a low work rate then taking every Friday evening and all of Saturday off is not smart. If you are completing a chapter every 4/5 days and are on track to complete your first layer for a module in 3-4 weeks then you can take a fri/sat evening off.

      My 1st layer seems I be taking ages. I spent 3 days in just 2 pages last week although i do fully understand those pages now. Is that a normal pace?

      It’s very good that you are being thorough. Many students have a tendency to glaze over and skip things out. However, 2 pages in 3 days is too slow. You need to be hitting 10 sides a day. Push hard to maintain your attention span and take regular short breaks (take a break after you complete each side). When you get to 8 sides think to yourself ‘come on! Finish strong. Just 2 more sides then I can chill’.

      I hope this helps!


      • Jj mooney says:

        Thanks for the advice! I have 3 re takes to do this summer. wow 10 sides a day! I’ve been doing that in a week. The only question I have though is if I do 10 sides a day my first layer for bio will be done in the next 3 days so I will have only spent like 2 weeks on this module? What should I do then go back over everything before moving onto my next module.

      • Jj mooney says:

        It has 37 sides but I’ve already done 14. It’s a textbook without pictures and diagrams though so more words on the page thats why I think it has less sides. I took your advice and spent less time on each page and managed to get 8 sides done yesterday! thanks

      • Jj mooney says:


        I’ve just finished my 1st layer for bio doing between 5 and 8 sides a day. But I had a class test last week and got an E- just above 40%! Is this normal? I was aiming for at least 50-60%. After another 2 layers will my grade come up or have I gone wrong and need to go over things again?

        Also because of my class test my teacher doesn’t think I’m capable of an A now so don’t think they’ll predict me an A. Could I still get offers from the unis that want A’s in bio despite my teacher predicting me a B/C. Thanks

  2. Kedijah says:

    Hi Raja,

    In the summer I bought your book and I never thought it would help me as much as it already has! I achieved CDEE in my AS results and I was, as you would expect, gutted. I seen your Ace Your A-Levels on Twitter so I thought I’d download it, best thing I have ever done!!!
    It has helped me so much with my motivation for A2, ways of revising and structuring my day on a whole.
    I find the scribble technique extremely helpful, however I do seem to lag behind, only managing to complete 4/5 pages a day – do you think this is enough? Especially with the fact that I have to re-sit modules in all my subjects.
    Thanks a lot for you great book, hopefully I leave college with ABB or higher, which I need to study Sociology at Leeds!

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Kedijah,

      Thank you for reading our book and your kind words! Please do give us a review on Amazon so other students can see how you benefited.

      I do seem to lag behind, only managing to complete 4/5 pages a day – do you think this is enough?

      4/5 is good but you have to try and push closer to 8-10 sides. Everyone absorbs information at a different pace. Even if you can increase it to 6/7 it will make a big difference in the long run. However, it’s much better to do 4/5 sides thoroughly than do 10 sides and skip over stuff/nt use the scribble technique properly.


  3. cagla says:

    Hi Raja,
    I am so disappointed about the fact that the e-book is not available in my country, Turkey. But I would love to hear the answers to some of my questions so here it goes:

    As I stated above I am a Turkish student who is hoping to get two diplomas (A Level + My School diploma). The fact that I have to succeed in both curriculums turns this whole thing into a nightmare. I have recently got my AS Level results. They were not bad, I suppose. I got ABBD (A→physics, B→maths, B→ biology, D→ chemistry) I want to know if it’s possible to get at least AAB in my A Levels with so little time. Because my school work is unbelievably time consuming this year and I am not sure if I can find the time to even look at A2 work. That’s why I am definitely dropping one of the subjects. I am thinking Chemistry but I want to study Biochemistry, Genetics or that sort of thing, so I think I should probably get those 4 subjects. What do you suggest? Do you think I should resit any AS Level subjects? Or are these AS results good enough to do well in the applications?

    Thanks for your time! 🙂


    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Çağla,

      We are looking to print paper copies over the next few months and will therefore be able to ship to Turkey. I’m unaware of the education system in Turkey. What benefit does this diploma have? Do you need it to get into university? Where are you looking to go for university? When do you sit your A-level exams?


      • cagla says:

        Hi again,

        The system in Turkey does not normally include the A level diploma program. Actually, we are one of the first students to try and take the additional A level diploma along with our Turkish high school diploma. As you probably know, the regular Turkish high school diploma is not enough if you want to study abroad. That is why we are doing A levels, to have a better chance of getting into a good university abroad. Normally the Turkish school diplama & the grade you get from OSS (a local exam) is enough to study in Turkey. I am doing both, I want to see if I can have the chance to study in England. That is why I asked for your tips on studying efficiently. I have so little time and loads of work to do. My situation is a bit unique because A levels is not my only concern. I need your help on studying techniques and your opinion on my AS grades. I also need advice on which universities in England I might have a chance with. I sit my A Levels around May 2015, as far as I know.

        Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

        • anshulraja1 says:


          Your AS grades are good but make sure you push your teachers to submit better predicted grades to UCAS. Do you have any specific questions on study techniques/revision? I’m happy to answer them.


    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Cagla,

      The paperback version of the book is now available here!..


  4. saba says:

    I am an A2 student who recieved a B for geography, C for Business and Economics and a D for maths. I am planning to go to University of Edinburgh next year and I really want to achieve 3 As or atleast a B in maths. Im confused as to how to achieve this and currently feel really stressed. I need advice…

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Saba,

      It’s difficult to give any useful advice over such a short message. I recommend you read our book How to ACE Your A-Levels. As you can see from the testimonials we provide a 3 step plan which can help you improve your grades significantly. Some basic advice I can give is to make full use of your evenings and weekends, ensure you use simple learning techniques to revise and each day focus on how many pages you want to get done (not what grades you want next August).

      I hope this helps!


  5. Becky says:


    I’ve ready your book today and it’s soo helpful, just wished I’d found it sooner! Feel like I’ve left things too late now and might not be able to do all the layers in time.

    How long should you actually work for each day as in hours? Should you just use the scribble technique alone and how many pages should you aim for each day? is ok to have any days/evenings off?

    Have I left it too late to start revising this week. I do A2 bio, english, chem and I have 5 re takes

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Becky,

      Thank you for reading our book. It is not too late at all! It’s only September! You should aim to cover your first layers for your A2 exams by January – divide the number of A2 exams you have by the number of weeks left till January. This will give you a rough guide of how many pages/chapters you need to cover per week. As a rule of thumb, you should cover close to 8-10 sides per day using the scribble technique. Of course textbooks vary in size and content.

      If you’re hitting your targets then by all means take evenings off!

      I hope this helps!


      • Becky says:

        Thanks so much for the advice. I’ve constructed my plan now and started revsing. The only thing is I couldn’t read whole pages then scribble down what I remembered it was too much info at once so I read one paragraph at a time then did the scribble technique for just that one paragraph. Then before I knew it i’d whizzed through 7 pages. Will the technique still work if I do it this way?

  6. Yuco says:

    Hi, I got BBC in AS but I want to get at least AAB in AL. What should I do to improve my grades?

    • anshulraja1 says:


      It’s difficult to give you a useful answer in such a short post. However, I would obviously recommend reading our book as it covers everything. The key points I would emphasise is start early and learn using layers. Have a look over other questions and answers on this page and I’m sure you’ll pick up some useful advice!


  7. Tina says:

    Hi there,
    I purchased your book and it was probably the best impulse purchase i’ve made in a while. I’m from Scotland and we don’t do a levels, we do highers/advanced highers instead – yet the courses are similar and they’re also required for university entry. Anyways, last year i did nationals (GCSE equivalent) and i got AABBBCCC. Very gutting as all 3 C’s i received i was one mark away from receiving a B. I really want to study medicine at Edinburgh in 2016 so i need to do extremely well this year. Straight to the point, i feel as if i’ve started revising too late. In all 5 of my subjects, we are finished unit 1 and starting unit 2. I want to thoroughly revise unit 1 again (layer 1) but would it work out if I’m doing one unit at school and one at home? I can’t thoroughly revise just now as all of my teachers have decided to cram all my end of unit tests together so i can’t really take my time with revising them. My tests are all next week and the week after that is the October break so hopefully i can get ahead with revising.
    Thanks a bunch!

    • anshulraja1 says:

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for reading our book! A lot of students underestimate how much they can actually do on their own. By adopting the techniques in our book, you can 100% do your own learning along side school. I hope you achieve the grades you want and get into Edinburgh!


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